Stripping the shell

So, for the first time in a long time, I managed to get some time in on the 200. I have bought myself a compressor and sandblaster. So time to get cracking on. Trying to stop the rust at the moment. First job, build a house for the weekend: Progress was slow to start […]

Engine tear down

Wahooo well yesterday I managed to get a little bit of time working on the 200 stuff so I started on the tear down of the engine. The photo’s are mainly reference for me Upper breather pipes: Inlet side breather pipe: Exposed Cams: So I managed to get the cams out, the […]

Rear end stripped

Well I have managed to get a bit more done on the car today. I have gone out and bought a set of axel stands to support the rear from halfords (love a trade discount :wack:) So managed to get the rear bumper off after finding the 4th small nut down at the bottom and […]

Shell is almost completely stripped

Well after a fair old while, I have an update to the car and its progress ๐Ÿ™‚ Essentially the engine bay is 99% stripped, the interior is also 99% done so I am now at the stage where I have the back end to strip down and remaining bits to remove ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, pics to […]

Further strip down

OK more of an update from work done. AS it was this morning Drivers side almost stripped, start to see how bad the rot is on the inner wing ๐Ÿ™ fully stripped (ignore the runs in the paint, it was get a coating on it to stop the rot) and a close […]

Stripping the engine bay

OK did a bit more ripping stuff off at the weekend, the ABS, last of the AC in the engine bay, clutch master cylinder, brake master cylinder and pedals are all off And looks like it will be a PITA to replace the panel between the suspension turret and bulkhead but needs must. […]

Front end Tidy up

OK a tiny bit more done on the datsun, bit of a tidy up at the front Started with this Attack it with wire brush on drill and a nylon rust remover thing from halfrauds Get the daughter earning her pocket money and end up with this then start work on […]

Engine Stripping

Not so much work done yesterday rather a logistical PITA getting the engine in the workshop so it can be rebuilt at some point (Good weather = work on body, bad weather = work on engine :)) First of all, remove the clutch and cover to get the bracket on for the stand. Clutch doesn’t […]

Engine Removal

Yesterday was a fairly productive day, took a trip out and bought myself this: hooked it all up, fingers crossed I haven’t forgotten anything yay, no I haven’t, I remembered I needed a bit more clearance for disconnecting the heater pipes and after a bit of jiggery pokery, hey presto. Ended up taking […]

Engine bay prep work

And today I have spent the day stripping bits n pieces out of the engine bay in preparation for yanking the engine out. Just need to sort out an engine hoist to get it out and onto the stand for strip down. Clean the engine bay up and sort the rot, bin the […]