Front Bumper Prep work

Spent today working on the pre-facelift bumper. Splitter and wing mount vent keyed: Wing mount vent keyed: Bumper Keyed and a few of the chips and dings flatted out: Bumper in primer: Splitter in primer: Wing mount vent in primer: Just need to get some paint so that I can get the top coat done […]

Rear Strut Brace and New Bumper

Managed to get the rear strut brace fitted, no chassis twist or anything but from start: And afterwards: Probably placebo effect but car felt better in the corners after fitting them which is a result :thumbs: and then at the weekend I managed to pick this up from Shane_Evans on here: Hopefully start keying the […]

Front Strut Brace

Well the Japspeed strut braces arrived this morning 😀 so over lunch set about fitting them. Front before: Front after: All went pretty smooth on the front, set about doing the back but think I have the strut tops on the wrong way around, either that or the chassis is already twisted 😮 so will […]

Additional Gauges

A small update once again, having attempted the big ends in situ, the engine mount bolts wouldn’t free up so soaking them in WD40 and will have another go soon. After failing at the engine mounts, fitted the HID’s but as there is no difference to appearance I haven’t taken a photo. Tonight I have […]