Another Day, Getting places

So, yesterday we went back to Rye House and both me and the eldest had a go. He went on the K Karts and I went on an hours GP. Once again he thoroughly enjoyed his half hour session, met another little boy there, they chatted, they didnt really race (one had a half lap […]

So, Where do we stand

Although nothing has been purchased for Karting, a lot of research has been completed and plans made. These blog posts won’t include a spending tally like but I will be keeping track of my spend and I will make an Excel spreadsheet available for viewing detailing all the costs involved. We have decided that […]


So, since my eldest son was very young, I started looking at Go Karting for him. Having had a very rich motorsport (not financially rich) background, I thought it would be a nice father/son thing to do. Before I really got hooked on it, I had only ever been karting once before as part of a work […]