So, since my eldest son was very young, I started looking at Go Karting for him. Having had a very rich motorsport (not financially rich) background, I thought it would be a nice father/son thing to do. Before I really got hooked on it, I had only ever been karting once before as part of a work do. I must admit, I enjoyed it then and thought as my son got older, it would be a nice thing to do.
Fast forward about 3 years and for my birthday, the wife treated me to a karting session at Rye House, at the same time my son had his first go on the K Karts (electric, he’s 4 going on 5) that they offer. He’s grown up around cars and motorsport, having had a couple of electric cars to ride on at his grandparents and the look on his face when he came off the track was awesome. In the afternoon, I had my go on the big track and even though it bucketed down and there was 0 grip, once I settled down I had an amazing experience. I can’t wait to go back!
Inspired by I thought it would be useful to track how we both progress as we both get potentially heavily involved in the world of Karting.