Stripping the shell

So, for the first time in a long time, I managed to get some time in on the 200. I have bought myself a compressor and sandblaster. So time to get cracking on. Trying to stop the rust at the moment.
First job, build a house for the weekend:
Progress was slow to start with as I was learning the blaster, feed rates etc but was getting there. Especially when I realised that I didn’t need to fully open the sand valve:
Eventually the rear quarter was stripped to the line. I was surprised as apart from the rear section and the sill, the panel wasn’t too bad in fairness:
So, if I can find a section for the rear I can get away with just replacing that not the full panel. So a coat of paint as a line of defense
So then it was on to the drivers side. I know there is filler on this panel from before I bought it but needless to say I was shocked. Progress was slow, I didn’t realise the rear was filled:
So, out with the hammer and chisel to attack the filler, I thought there was a skimming of filler, turns out I was VERY wrong
Oh well, I need a whole quarter panel on this side:
Throw some paint on it as a temporary measure and I will address this at a later date:
I had a quick look underneath and the back at least seems solid with just surface rust. At least some (slow) progress was made. Hopefully get some more done soon 🙂

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