Engine tear down

Wahooo well yesterday I managed to get a little bit of time working on the 200 stuff so I started on the tear down of the engine. The photo’s are mainly reference for me

Upper breather pipes:

Inlet side breather pipe:

Exposed Cams:

So I managed to get the cams out, the crank pulley (although this now needs replacing and I found a Project-D blue one :)) cam belt off. Was going great guns until I shoved a screwdriver into my hand and had to visit A&E for a tetanus jab. Think ideally though I need a unit type space to work in as to do anything with the shell, I have to empty it of bumper bars, wings, wheels etc.

Fingers crossed though, a change of jobs means I am now a 10 minute, 5 mile drive from work instead of 1:45, 90 mile drive and starting to feel like I have more energy to work on the car 🙂 The kid loves it and it won’t be long before he is helping me 🙂

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