Rear end stripped

Well I have managed to get a bit more done on the car today. I have gone out and bought a set of axel stands to support the rear from halfords (love a trade discount :wack:) So managed to get the rear bumper off after finding the 4th small nut down at the bottom and realising that the tow hook was attached to the exhaust hanger
Anyway, removed the exhaust as well so that it’s less desireable to the pikey’s given that they have already been eyeing the car up in broad daylight πŸ™ Had to put the rear lights back on as well to stop hands going in πŸ™
Fingers crossed the weather is the same next weekend and I should get the back end stripped down completely ready to ship the car off for a full acid dip or sand/media blast πŸ™‚ I have also been given a mig welder to get the patches done and dusted πŸ™‚

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