Shell is almost completely stripped

Well after a fair old while, I have an update to the car and its progress 🙂 Essentially the engine bay is 99% stripped, the interior is also 99% done so I am now at the stage where I have the back end to strip down and remaining bits to remove 🙂 Anyway, pics to show off the progress

So once the car has had the back end stripped down it will be a case of finding somewhere to acid dip or media/sand blast the shell (minus doors, bonnet and boot) to get rid of all the gunk on the car. Then I can start with putting it all back together. 🙂

I think the hardest part that I have had to do is removing the wiring loom. I am seriously tempted to go through and remove all the ABS and AC wiring from the looms to tidy it all up a fair bit and make it a lot more manageble for getting back in 🙂

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