Further strip down

OK more of an update from work done.
AS it was this morning
Drivers side almost stripped, start to see how bad the rot is on the inner wing πŸ™
fully stripped (ignore the runs in the paint, it was get a coating on it to stop the rot)
and a close up of the rot, it is one awkward panel to sort
Passenger side looks much better πŸ™‚
And some of the bits removed and used, the hubs are just out of the shot πŸ™‚
So all that’s left in the engine bay now is the loom (looks a nightmare to remove), subframe/crossmember which I need a windy gun to undo the 4 nuts, fuel lines and the power steering lines (as they are attached to the above). Need to start working along the car now, sort the dash out and remaining interior bits then strip the rear

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