So, Where do we stand

Although nothing has been purchased for Karting, a lot of research has been completed and plans made. These blog posts won’t include a spending tally like but I will be keeping track of my spend and I will make an Excel spreadsheet available for viewing detailing all the costs involved. We have decided that from a financial point of view, this should be treated like a business, tracking costs, budgeting etc.
Having gone to Rye House and found the venue to be very well presented, the track was enjoyable and from a novice point of view, very well organised, we have decided that for now, this will be our track of choice. We will continue to look at other tracks to see what’s out there but for now, Rye House will be our track of choice.
The first kart we will look to purchase will be a Bambino kart. Research says that there are two types out there, with the engine being the difference. The Honda GX35 engine is the cheaper basis (2/3 the cost) of the Comer C50 based karts. Rye House use the Comer C50 karts so it looks like we will be getting one of those…
On the MSA vs Non MSA. Having been involved heavily with rallying in the past, my initial thought was to go MSA route. Rules, regulations, the blue book etc, but when reading up, it seems that the non MSA route seems very well supported and within itself, very well organised and controlled. If we need the MSA license we will cross that bridge when we come to it, especially as its not required for Rye House.
The Bambino championship really appeals to both me and my eldest, the biggest difference from the junior championships is that its time trial based not wheel to wheel racing based which means they wont be punting each other off the track every five minutes. It also means that lines can be concentrated on, learning and experiencing how to drive ready for the wheel to wheel racing of cadets at a later date.
So the Comer C50 Bambino at Rye House is very much the route we are taking at the moment. I myself, will take a look at the Senna championship that is on offer at Rye House. So, until next time we visit or there is further development, my time will be spent researching and paying for things.

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