Engine Stripping

Not so much work done yesterday rather a logistical PITA getting the engine in the workshop so it can be rebuilt at some point (Good weather = work on body, bad weather = work on engine :))
First of all, remove the clutch and cover to get the bracket on for the stand. Clutch doesn’t look too bad with a few mm of material left
Then off with the flywheel, went out, bought a 27mm socket to hold the crank still, undid two flywheel bolts and then when doing the third, I cracked the crank pulley bolt (doh) but at least I don’t need to worry about that later. Managed to undo the remaining 6 and off it comes
And then as the engine stand and crane were too wide to get through the workshop door, I had to put the engine down, drag it through, had to remove a couple of ancillaries to shed weight to be able to move it, then get the crane and stand facing each other then a bit of a swing and on it went 🙂
Next job is to strip more of the engine bay, replace the clutch pipework with a single braided hose (I snapped the hose undoing it from the slave cylinder), clean it all up and start learning to weld

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