Front end Tidy up

OK a tiny bit more done on the datsun, bit of a tidy up at the front

Started with this

Attack it with wire brush on drill and a nylon rust remover thing from halfrauds

Get the daughter earning her pocket money

and end up with this

then start work on the bonnet support catch bracket, it’s minging from oil that the CA has spat out everywhere

and once again attack it

give the actual bonnet catch mounting panel a good keying

Liberally cover everything in black hammerite and that’s another job done.

Also started cleaning up the cross member as it has a covering of about 1cm of oily gunk so give it a soaking in engine cleaner

Attack with tooth brush and old socks and it’s a good way there although still got around the steering rack and under the power steering pipes to do but it’s already a lot better

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