Active Directory – Back It Up!

Before we get too far in to configuring Active Directory, we should sort out the backups so that we can restore the environment in the event of corruption, compromise or even our own mis-configuration. You have a choice of backup software so I will not go through how to configure this. It’s important that you […]

Alerting – Operations Management Suite

So far, we have the domain & forest set up. I’ve already configured an OMS workspace, and added the VMs to it. We’ve cranked up the auditing via GPO after setting all the time correctly, now lets get some alerts going on to let us know something nasty might be going on. To access (and […]

DNS – Block malware sites

When we set up our domain controllers, we installed the DNS role. DNS is key to how Active Directory works. It is possible to move DNS on to dedicated servers, however it’s common place to leave DNS on the Domain Controllers. Client machines will all have to use DNS servers that relate to the domain […]

Our first GPO – Time Sync

In Active Directory, time is extremely important. Active Directory is a multi-master system with each writable domain controller able to make changes to the directory. There are however 5 Operations Master roles that are responsible for performing tasks that are not suitable for multiple masters. In this post we are going to focus on the PDC […]

The Beginning – Create a Forest and Domain

Your first choice will be how you want to provision your domain controllers. Your choices include purchasing physical servers, using a hypervisor such as VMware ESXi or Microsoft Hyper-V, or going cloud and using Azure or AWS. As discussed in an earlier post, I have a full home lab which uses Microsoft Hyper-V. I am […]