Adding Exchange Server to the Lab

I decided to add Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 to the lab, to experiment and play. It’s been a while that’s for sure! Learned more about what the Sophos XG can and cant do, added HAProxy goodness.

Ubiquiti Journey Part 2

In Home and Lab Network Infrastructure I outlined some issues I was having with the home network and how I planned to fix them. Then in Ubiquiti Journey Part 1 I went through setting up the UniFi network controller. I am still waiting for my delivery but thought I would do some preparation work. UniFi […]

Ubiquiti Journey Part 1

Following Home and Lab Network Infrastructure, I put out a request on Twitter asking where in the UK people got their hardware from. From this, I received a list of vendors and after reviewing them, only had everything I wanted in stock. Thank you to them for sorting out the order. I was genuinely […]