First kit and more track time

So, to celebrate fathers day, Rye House had an offer where dad could race the kid. Unfortunately mine is too young for the main track but they honoured the offer with him on the junior track and me on the senior track.
Before heading out on track, we had a look around the NewKart shop on site and I ended up treating him to a set of Sparco boots that he’s had his eye on from day one and a set of Sparco gloves as well. Needless to say he was chuffed to bits with them.
This is the first time that I didn’t watch him out on track and from talking to his mum, I missed a cracking session. There were a couple of other kids on track with him. He made a fantastic start and left them fighting between themselves. Further on he came around to lap them and ended up having a tussle (there are no blue flags). I believe that his racing style was very cool calm and collected. He thought about every move before making it and it was a joy to watch. He came off the track buzzing and thought he had lost the race. But what was ace is that even though he thought he lost, he had fun and was smiling and loving it.
I went out on the big track, it was a busy session with 20 karts out there. I managed to qualify 5th which I was delighted with. In the race, I was holding on to 8th quite nicely when I began to feel sick again about half hour in. I ended up sitting out for 5 minutes and got back in to it where I finished 14th. I managed to set a fair few times in the 43 second area which meant that I was a second better than last time. Not a drastic improvement but an improvement non the less.
The fact I felt ill again suggests that motion sickness is an issue for me. Something I’ve never suffered from before. I will try either tablets or one of the band things next time out and see if that improves it. It’s not something I’ve seen really discussed on the forums or reading up so it’s something that we will be aware of when the youngest starts.
Now to book the next session 🙂

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