Another session for the boy

So, last weekend we decided to get the eldest booked in for another session on the Junior Track up at Rye House. This time he had a half hour session but was out there on his own. This was interesting to see. Needless to say that even though he was on his own, he thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s lovely to see that he just loves bum in seat time regardless of if its wet, dry, solo or with people.
We haven’t made any progress yet with securing his own kart, we still want to see how he copes with the petrol power, the noise, acceleration, close to the ground, steering changes etc before we make a big investment. Once we have the investment we will aim for the Hoddeston Cadet Club on a Saturday morning before heading to the Bambino championship on Monday nights.
Finances are up to date, we are looking for a father/son day at Rye House on fathers day so lets see what that brings.

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