Spectating taught us a lot

So, this week, we decided to go to the karting circuit to have a watch of the bambino’s and see what all the fuss is about. Although it was a bit of a last minute decision we did learn a fair bit

  • The M25 is pants and we need to find an alternative route
  • The boy shouldnt do football after school on a bambino night as he ends up too tired
  • The cafe isnt open so eat before we go or take food with us
  • The boy is a little unsure about going flat out on the big track

So, the first three I learnt and will plan for better next time. The last one is a bit of a worry. He seems to swing between excitement about the prospect of being in a bambino on the big track and not being sure. Time will tell on this one. We will keep going up and hitting the k-karts before we invest in a kart of his own. He will of course try out the bambino before we buy it.
Depending on how he sleeps over the next couple of nights, we hope to be back out this weekend. I’d love to go too but not sure I am fit enough with a cold but we’ll see.

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