Ditching Semi-Annual Channel

Ditching Semi-Annual Channel, returning the lab to Long Term Service Branch

So, when I first started out with this, I was deploying the domain controllers as Windows Server Semi-Annual Channel (SAC). Starting with 1709, I was hoping that it would be a case of the upgrade to 1803 and so on would occur very much like the Windows 10 OS, through Windows Update. My thinking was that I would be able to have always up to date Windows OS (1803, 1809, 1903, 1909 etc) without needing to go through a whole redeployment process like with Long Term Servicing Branch (LTSB). Unfortunately this hasn’t proven the case with manual upgrades being required for the servers.

As a result, the servers I’ve deployed in my lab will be redeployed using LTSB Windows Server 2019, with a view to upgrading to 2021/22 depending on the next release. It’s a little disheartening as I really liked the idea of SAC just keeping the OS up to date, but hey ho the focus has shifted and the SAC isn’t for infrastructure roles, rather the faster moving roles such as containers.

It’s nice to see though, that my most popular post is Windows Server 1803 with links being found on the Tech Community and TechNet forums.

At the moment, I am taking a little time to evaluate and design the 2019 version of the lab. A few potential changes coming, including moving it back out of Azure to my HP servers.

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