Windows Server 1809

Upgraded Domain Controller to Windows Server 1809.

So, previously we upgraded our domain controller from 1709 to 1803 as per the blog post Windows Server 1803. Yesterday, Microsoft released Windows Server 1809! I have used the same method for upgrading from 1803 to 1809 (which has version number 17763). At the same time, Windows Server 2019 has also been released and available to install.

Windows Time Service is now truly UTC-compliant with leap second support. Windows Admin Center also features heavily in this release, along with System Insights. The remaining 1809 features are focused on things like Storage, Containers and HTTP/2.

From an Active Directory point of view, there are no schema changes (this was done under the 1803 upgrade). So it was a straight in place upgrade of the Domain Controller in question. Windows Defender ATP seems to be working away quite happily, given that it was embedded within 1803 this isn’t a surprise.

I am going to re-deploy my Windows Admin Center cluster on Windows Server 2019, with Windows Admin Center 1809 and take a look at the improvements shortly.

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