Removing Sound deadening

OK So last weekend I started stripping out the sound deadening, by god it’s hard work
Rust hole in the rear passenger foot well that will require a weld up πŸ™‚
Yesterday I went out and picked up some Z32 front calipers from a chap on here (TurboDailyDan :thumbs:) Going to give them a rebuild with some new seals etc before fitting as I have the time to do so
Today has been stripping down the front, bumper off
and the drivers wing off
with a nice patch of rust found as well
so that will be some more welding that needs doing, any way off with the passenger wing
and then to finish off a bit more sound deadening removal with the rust hole getting a touch larger
although the hole did provide a nice easy exit for the sound deadening, saves trying to get a dust pan and brush into the contours of the floor.
Does anyone know what the two holes are above the chassis rail? Planning to shove a load of waxoil down them after the clean up is finished and any patches welded on the chassis

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