Coil-overs and Big Ends

OK so more of an update. Have spent all day Monday and yesterday at Pit Start and got a few bits done on the car.
Nice early start (8am)

OK so how the rear started

I knew the rear brake pads needed changing but when I had previously attempted to do it, couldn’t get the caliper off. With all the arms and everything off there was plenty of room to get the calipers off and therefore change the pads, I think they needed doing

Does anyone know the mad rain dance come voodoo chant to get the caliper pins back in? I spent an hour of trying to do it on the near side, got someone else to try for 20 minutes and then in a stroke of luck got it in.
And then with the coil over and two of the 3 rear arms fitted

All was going swimmingly with the fronts, changed the near side in about 20 minutes, went to do the last bolt on the off side and for love nor money it would not come off, ended up grinding the head off, using a hammer and drift to get the offending bolt out

and then how the car sits now

Yes it needs a clean but then I am travelling back to Manchester from London tonight so it will just end up filthy again. Yesterday was spent doing the big ends in situ. What a job and a half but at least I know how to do it now. A total of 14.5 hours to get it done including cleaning everything up while it was off the car. Anyway I think they needed doing

So, next on the job front is to replace the front pads, replace rear wheel bearing, renew brake fluid. So that will be more time spent in the Pit Start garage :wack:

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