Nissan 200sx – The start

This is copied from my build thread on SXOC so names won’t make much sense:
OK so I am still new to the 200 scene and recently bought my first one. Bar a K&N filter, Sony head unit and crystal clear indicators the car is or was standard. A couple of days later DazDavies posted that he is breaking a 14a and one of the parts listed was an Apexi Turbo Timer. So after picking up the car, we waited around before going over to see Daz and get the TT. This meant stopping off for a drink and a quick pic of my 13 next to Pricey’s 14a

So after a drink it was off to collect the TT (thanks Daz :)) and then make our way back. This is how she was when I got her back home

The first thing that was done was to swap the head unit from this

to this

as the radio reception wasn’t clever on the first one and the second one has done me proud for quality of sounds etc 🙂
The TT is almost in, just got the handbrake feed and the two ECU feeds to wire up then all is good. And these have just landed on my desk

Those are Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, Boost and Water Temperature. I have a door pillar pod for the boost gauge and plan to put the other three in the lower DIN panel. Depending on when the sandwich plate arrives for the oil senders. First job is to work out where the engine is up to performance wise and replace the pads all round. Hopefully get these done this weekend. I am aiming to end up with a fairly sound daily runner that can do the odd track day and drift day (Oulton Park or the other one DriftWorks have sorted for the NW)

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